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Daily rate for studio 250 Euro
Rent for studio only (24h) 130 Euro
Piano tuning 85 Euro
Hourly rate Recording, Mixing&Mastering, Piano-Coach 40 Euro
Live Recording (stereo, up to 2h) 250 Euro
Piano Special 72h 350 Euro

Mixing & Mastering

Rolleum Records offers mixing & mastering for all genres. Both digital effects/plugins and high value analogue studio processors are used. The best of both worlds, in other words. From mixing to mastered CD, every step is agreed with the artist.


Engage Rolleum Records for a professional recording of your concert !
The offer includes 2 hours of recording time (stereo, 24bit / 96kHz), drive to the location and a rough-mixdown. Ask per email for more options.

Piano Special 72h
This offer is particularly interesting for pianists, jazz trios and chamber music ensembles. Rent the recording studio for your production for 72h. Concert tuning of the grand piano inclusive, also daily tune checkup. This offer requires knowledge in PC or MAC Recording. Finest microphones, preamplifiers and digital converters will be provided.


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