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One of Berlin's most richly traditional buildings is the home of the Rolleum Records studio for acoustic recordings. The radio building in the Nalepastrasse 18-50, also known as the Funkhaus, served the GDR state powers until the reunification as an instrument for the strategic opinion-shaping of the East German population, with altogether around 5,000 employees. In addition, many legendary GDR bands like e.g. Karat were discovered and produced here.

Musicians, studios and artists of various genres have moved in as tenants, and are contributing to a revival with a new, liberally creative direction. Renowned artists like e.g. Sting, The Black Eyed Peas and the Staatskapelle Berlin under the leadership of Daniel Barenboim have recorded here. The recording hall in block B is a unique free-floating hall (room-in-room construction) and known as one of the best concert halls in the world. The Rolleum Records studio is in block A, room 232.


It's important for me to create an atmosphere in the recording studio which has the clarity for professional work, but also offers enough cosiness to get as close to the music as possible.

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