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In my studio almost everything revolves around the piano, although other productions like e.g. singer/songwriter or voice recordings are also done here. The recording room is particularly suitable for jazz and classic or arrangement with a concert grand. The studio is set up for acoustic and semi-acoustic sound levels. As piano tuner, producer and freelance pianist in one, my aim is to provide the artist ideal conditions for a successful recording That also means that with all the professional work and the best studio equipment, the enjoyment of the music isn't lost. That's exactly what professionalism means for me, since I'm convinced that a recording that is as authentic and emotional as possible is decisive for the success of a production.



The grand piano is provided for recording in a tuned condition. If desired, a complete new tuning can be made for a fee. This has the advantage that you can make and edit new recordings with the same parameters even a year later. Furthermore, I offer 4 different microphone types (small membrane, large membrane, dynamic, ribbon), which the customer can choose individually using test recordings. With orders from 300 Euro the concert tuning is inclusive.

In contrast to the widespread opinion that mixing and mastering are two separate processes, I'm convinced that they must be closely tied to each other. Like a diamond that first of all has to be cut to shape (mixing), the polishing is completed in the mastering. Mistakes that occur in mixing are difficult, if not impossible, to rectify. On the other hand, mastering should be restricted to gently influencing the process and not, as is unfortunately the case in many productions, be used to "pump up the volume" and ruin the basic sound.

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